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The factory is underway and able to produce the PA-25 PUELCHE III Aeroapplicator in its two versions 235/260 with a three-bladed variable pitch or two-way fixed pitch propeller (with an improved design). It is already validated in the USA by the FAA, and the coach. PA-25 235 MASTER, as well as, for the attribution granted by the ownership of the Type Certificates, to modify the models, adapt them to different uses, market with original parts, endorse and recognize maintenance centers and facilitate commercial transactions so that Investors establish production and marketing lines by assembling aircraft under license, issue technical documentation applicable to maintenance to assist in the continued airworthiness of all PA-25s that are operative in the world and those that are incorporated into the market.

We count for the PA-25 (Single Pilot) with the Original TYPE Certificates issued for PIPER by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with the TIPO certificates of Argentina validated in the Country and with the current production of all the models, adding the certificate TYPE of Puelche BIPLAZA also issued, through the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) and with it in the process of validation in the USA.

As a reference, we can mention that our clients are of varied origin, being some Air work operators, both Nationals and Foreigners, the Argentine Air Force (FAA), the Aircraft Factory of Argentina (FAdeA), the National Applied Research Company (INVAP).

In the world there is an approximate allocation of 3,000 (Three thousand) PA-25 Series.

You can acquire the production right under license where the number of aircraft to be manufactured will be established, starting with an initial requirement in three years, this amount will be proposed and Laviasa will consider your investment project, to market them in the chosen country to install the assembly plant and / or third countries that are defined in the contract as COMMERCIAL AREA.

After entering the franchise with the payment of a membership, you will continue to pay a royalty per aircraft manufactured.

The initial idea is to dimension in the place that you consider most convenient to install a turnkey production line under license.

You can consider the offer as an interesting entrepreneurial investment venture.

Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange the details of the franchise.